Suitable for own goods risks consisting of two or more vehicles, combining all vehicle types into one easy to manage policy. One premium, one policy, one renewal date.


  • Third Party Only / Third Party Fire & Theft / Comprehensive
  • Open Driving 25 – 70 years full licence as standard. Drivers outside of this criteria considered on requesT
  • Consideration given to proposers with accidents / penalty points / convictions
  • Use: Carriage of Own Goods for commercial vehicles and Class 2 for private cars
  • Windscreen cover as standard on Third Party Fire & Theft & Comprehensive
  • Covers a wide range of occupations

Commercial Motor – Special Types (6.4)

Covers all forms of Special Types vehicles.

Cover options include:

• Wide range of occupations
• Open Driving 17 – 70 years with appropriate licence / permit
• Standard €1.3m Third Party Property Damage limit, €6.5m available
• Fleet discounts available

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