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Business Car Insurance

If you are using your private car for any level of business use, you need to ensure that your car insurance is covering you for the correct class.  We can advise you on which class your business use will come under.

Private Vehicle Used For Business

It is important when choosing car insurance to ensure that you are applying for your car insurance under the correct class of use.  For example, if you use your vehicle for occasional business use then your car insurance should be arranged on that basis

Class 1 Car Insurance is for social, domestic and pleasure use and also gives an extension to use the vehicle for a small level of business use.  It is restricted to personal business use.  It excludes the carriage of goods or samples.

Class 2 Car Insurance covers social, domestic and pleasure use and use in connection with your business and includes the carriage of goods or samples.  It excludes commercial travelling or the solicitation of business.

Class 3 Car Insurance will cover social, domestic and pleasure use and use in connection with the business of the insured including commercial travelling and the carriage of goods or samples.

There is no legal definition or industry consensus of the classes of business use as described above.  It is, therefore, important when proposing for a policy of insurance, that you accurately describe your use of the vehicle so that we can make sure that you are receiving the correct quotation.

At Assist Insurances we can arrange suitable car insurance depending on your use of your vehicle.  The covers available are generally the same as those found under policies arranged on a Social Domestic and Pleasure basis.

Policy Features Can Include

  • Windscreen Breakage on Comprehensive policies (usually as standard)
  • Step Back Bonus Protection (usually as standard)
  • Full Bonus Protection available if required
  • Driving of other cars, provided policy holder is 25+ years with a full, clean license and occupation not in Motor Trade or Driving related
  • Trailer / Towing Cover (Third Party Liability only cover)
  • Personal Accident Benefit on Comprehensive policies
  • Breakdown Assistance
  • Personal Effects Cover
  • Temporary Replacement Vehicle
  • Foreign Use – most European countries covered

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